Studios & Organizations 

New Architecture Writers

Thomas Aquilina, Phineas Harper and Tom Wilkinson

New Architecture Writers is a free programme for emerging design writers, developing the journalistic skill, editorial connections and critical voice of its participants. N.A.W. focuses on black and minority ethnic emerging writers who are under-represented across design journalism and curation. A series of evening workshops, talks, and writing briefs form the core of N.A.W.’s programme with one-to-one mentoring from experienced design critics and editors throughout.

Design As Protest

Design as Protest is a coalition of designers mobilizing strategy to dismantle the privilege and powers structures that use architecture and design as tools of oppression.
Co-organized by BIPOC designers, we exist to hold our profession accountable in reversing the violence and injustice that architecture, design, and urban planning practices have inflicted upon Black people and communities. Design as Protest champions the radical vision of racial, social, and cultural reparation through the process and outcomes of design.

Design For the Just City

Harvard GSD

The Just City Lab investigates the definition of urban justice and the just city and examines how design and planning contribute to conditions of justice and injustice in cities, neighborhoods and the public realm. Professor Toni L. Griffin and her team of research assistants have produced The Just City Index, Just City Indicators for the Public Realm, tools for civic engagement, design case studies and offer masterclasses and workshops on designing for justice.

Blacks Who Design

Tolu Olubode, Hasque, Yannick Zanfack, Nathalyn Nunoo, Wes O'Haire

Blacks Who Design highlights all of the inspiring Black designers in the industry. The goal is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their feeds, and discover amazing individuals to join your team.

Black Artists + Designers Guild

Malene Barnett

BADG is a global collective of independent Black artists, makers and designers throughout the African diaspora. We are the creators and innovators behind the world's bespoke art, products and spaces for residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

200 Black Creators

Sean Canty

Two Hundred Black Creators is a little passion project initially featured as a form of counter-programming on social media. This list consists of Black Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Historians, Urban Planners, Artists, Furniture, Industrial, and Product Designers, Design Advocates, and Creative Entrepreneurs. It is entirely, imperfect and not yet exhausted. Still, hopefully, it can be a resource, and inspire others to amplify the voices of black designers, artists, and intellectuals who continue to make a meaningful impact in our built environment and cultural landscape.

Black, Indigenous and POC Owned Design Studios

c/o Virgil, Hassan, Mahfuz, Naila, Dom, Esther, Preeti, Aimee, Tei, Joey, Oana and Dong

A live and growing list of BIPOC architecture, industrial design, landscape, graphic design, urban planning, fabrication studios from around the world.